Texas Lawns

Servicing Texas since 1991 and proudly Employee-Owned since February 2021.

Texas Lawns

Servicing Texas since 1991 and proudly Employee-Owned since February 2021.

What we offer

Lawn Care Maintenance

Weekly Service

Since 1991, we have serviced the Fort Worth area and truly understand what it means to have a pristine looking yard and landscape of your home, business, or public areas. With the Texas Lawns Advantage, we provide personalized service to all of our clients to understand what is important to them in order to create a customized weekly Lawn Care Maintenance service. Monday through Friday, we are running multiple uniformed, and trained Lawn Care Crews who take pride in their work because Service is our Specialty.

We have the experience to manage clients from residential homes to large commercial properties (churches, hospitals, warehouses, schools) and city public areas (parks, gardens, recreational centers) while utilizing commercial grade equipment.

Our Lawn Care Maintenance program can include the following services:

  • Year-round service
  • Mowing, edging and blowing
  • Pruning Bushes and Trees
  • Seasonal Color Change
  • Flower Bed Freshening
  • Mulching
  • Sprinkler Check
  • Seasonal Leaf Clean Up
  • Sprinkler Checks
  • Residential and Commercial

Weed and Fertilizer Control

The fertilization of your ground cover and the control of weeds is extremely important to the health and vitality of your lawn and landscape. To maintain your landscape through our regular Lawn Care Maintenance program, we  offer fertilization of your yard and plants 4 times per year and two primary types of weed controls, pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent herbicides. Knowing the differences between these two types of weed controls and how to correctly use them during the year will make a huge difference in how effective your weed control pursuits will be during the growing season.

We have incorporated an effective fertilization and weed control program into our weekly Lawn Care Maintenance service by using the highest quality products that are applied by our trained and experienced Employee-Owners.

Our Weed and Fertilizer Control program can include the following services:

  • Grass and Plants Fertilizer
  • Pre-Emergent Herbicide (recommended in January, March, and September)
  • Post-Emergent Herbicide (recommended in March and May)
  • Winter Rye Overseeding
  • Year-Round Service